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IHNBC Nyarugusu Branch
IHNBC Nyarugusu Branch
IHNBC Nyarugusu Branch

God Has A Plan For You

From before the begining God had a plan for you to be a part of His will.

In His Name Bible Inc. helps to mentor Christians in their search for God's will in their daily lives. We have committed ourselves to educating Christians through Bible-based training. Either through our IHN Bible College, which now has campuses in other parts of the world, or through our online ministries like Biblical Life Skills, we try to bring the truths found in God's Word (the Bible) to those who seek truth in their own lives.

Our IHN Bible College course work includes reading materials, lectures, quizzes and other outside source materials. All of our courses can be individually used for Bible Studies, personal study, classroom study, home church study and much more. College credit can be earned to be applied to various degree programs or study to complete certificates.

If you are interested in what God has to say about personal life skills and how He wants us to live amoungst a non-believing world then you should visit our Biblical Life Skills site for more information.

Want to see our ministry in action? Check out our YouTube page where we post videos from time to time of work being done not only here in the USA but in African countries and other parts of the world.

We need financial support. Everyone asks for money but when you are giving you must be wise. Do your research and make sure the ministry you want to back financially is real and worth it. Then, make a decission. Yes. We need your support financially to help build colleges, deliver Bibles, biblical learning tools and materials, and to support our monthly budget of funds we use to keep our websites up and running. We also have an online radio stream we use to reach many more people with the Word of God. Help us fulfill the great commission of Matthew 28.

If you wish to help support our ministries simply donate using the button found at the bottom of this page or go to our GoFundMe page where you can see more.


Followers and Growing!

Are You Seeking Formal Bible Training?

Are you a new or experienced Christian seeking an accelerated learning path? Our online Bible school offers over 120 credit hours of high-quality classes and more on the way. The training is designed to include beginners. Our IHN Bible College online curriculum is biblical. See our Statement of Faith. You can pick from over 85 college-level classes that include Apologetics, Bible Studies, Christian Doctrine and History, Theology, Christian Ethics, Hermeneutics and Homiletics, Evangelism, Ministry and Missions, Pastoral Care, Philosophers and Theologians, Philosophy and Religions and many others. We continue to add more.
Learning Biblical Life Skills

Life skills are often considered educational life skills rather than the basic human skills we need to navigate through life. God wants us to know these skills and to live accordingly. But how do we do that? What are these skills? Are they that important? The Bible has allot to say about how we are to live with each other, interact with each other, and even deal with some of life's most basic issues. That is where our Biblical Life Skills ministry comes into play.
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